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LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights from HID Hut are a Trusted Lighting Solution

HID Hut is proud to offer the finest LED grow lights. These include the highly acclaimed UFO LED, the revolutionary high-output Supernova LED lights and the Mothership LED. HID Hut LED grow lights are synonymous with less energy consumption, lower heat output, and the production of the ideal light spectrum. Hid Hut lights are the perfect lights for growing plants indoors.

Supernova LED Grow Lights

The Supernova LED grow light stands apart from all other grow lighting solutions. A high output light produces more light than a 1,000-watt HID light. Seven circuit boards project light at different angles for maximum coverage. The Supernova LED light provides the high intensity lighting you need to grow abundant and plentiful gardens within a five foot by five foot growing space.

UFO LED Grow Lights

Internationally acclaimed, the UFO LED light may be the most revolutionary plant lighting product ever, many say this is the best thing to happen to indoor growing since the High Pressure Sodium lamp. Consuming only 80 watts of power, the UFO LED lamp produces virtually no heat and boasts light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 400W HPS.

Why Choose LED Lights from HID Hut?

  • Our lights use less power
  • They produce less heat. Say goodbye to expensive fans and ducts
  • No need for ballast. LED lights are ready to plug and grow!
  • The extremely long bulb life with virtually no maintenance required.
  • Our LEDs are engineered to produce the optimal light spectrum your plants require.

The HID Hut line of LED grow lights is far superior to anything currently offered on the market.

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